Dave investigates extreme hauntings and cases of demonic activity.   He also a ordained member of the clergy and because of this calling he also performs deliverances and exorcisms when deemed necessary.   Dave was the center of a haunting in his childhood home in New Jersey.   From the age of 3 until the day he moved out years later,  he experienced a wide variety of paranormal activity.   The activity ranged from typical haunting activity to a 3 year period where the activity in the home became demonic.  He spent his early years terrified of what was going on in his home.  As he got older he became a voracious reader of anything on the topic of supernatural phenomena in a search for answers for what he was experiencing.   With the help of people experienced in this supernatural realm he eventually understood more about what he was experiencing.   He has worked with and learned from some of the top people in the demonology field.   His focus is to help anyone who is scared of a paranormal situation and provide help to those in extreme situations.  Dave is also a sensitive and can see, feel and discern spirits.

Dave has been investigating haunted locations, consulting on cases and helping people for over 30 years.   In 1994, he began the Internet’s first paranormal website with a specific focus on ghosts.   He created The Shadowlands as a safe haven for people to share their experiences with spirit activity and to seek comfort along with advice.  He also created Ghost Hunting 101 ® which still is a free resource for people looking for free information on how conduct safe and effective ghost research.   He has personally trained hundreds of people how to investigate haunted locations via Ghost Hunting 101® classes and SJGR training classes. He has consulted on thousands of cases and investigated hundreds of haunted locations.

Dave was director of South Jersey Ghost Research and Sanctuary Paranormal for 19 years and now he works with them as the lead investigator on negative and demonic hauntings.  He investigates and helps people reporting negative activity in their homes or businesses.  He specializes in problematic, intense, negative and demonic hauntings.   Dave is what is commonly referred to as a “demonologist” (although he doesn’t like that title).   He has first hand experience with many cases including deliverances and exorcisms as well as personal encounters.  He is the author of ‘Positive Energy for Haunted Homes’, ‘Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes’, ‘Armor of God’ and ‘GhostHunting101.com’ plus numerous articles posted on The Shadowlands website.   He is available to assist other people and teams who need help with a particular case or situation.

Dave now resides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife Michelle.   He owns The GhostHunter Store ® online store which was the very first store selling paranormal and ghost hunting items.  They also carry metaphysical and religious items.   They were also the first to have brick and mortar stores in Mount Holly NJ, Burlington NJ and Gettysburg, PA.  His background is in law enforcement and private security.  He is a graduate of the Cape May County Police Academy and majored in History and World Religions at Camden County College.

Dave has appeared on various shows on The History Channel, The Travel Channel, National Geographic Channel and many other TV, magazines, books and radio shows.  He is now a cast member of the TV show Ghost Detectives seen on Fox and the CW channels.    He lectures at events and conferences all over the country on a wide variety of topics from ghost hunting basics to demonology.

If you need help with a case you can message him directly on Facebook or email Dave here  dj@davejuliano.com


If you’d like to book him for an event, lecture or class please contact him via Facebook